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Kiwi Ice Pop

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 A juicy and refreshing slime.

What texture is it? A DIY clay slime that results into a smooth and stretchy slime after mixing the clay and slime together.

What does it smell like? Fresh limes. Sour smell.

Comes with a silky light jelly slime and clay popsicle to mix into the slime. Includes faux coconut shavings to decorate your popsicle with. Watch this slime in action here.

This item is not edible.


Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA), Borax, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil.

MAY CONTAIN: Colorant, Mineral Oil, Alumina Silicate (Clay), Non-Toxic Craft Materials, Non-Toxic Absorbant Polymers, Saline Solution, Pure Vegetable Glycerine.

Care information

Read our slime guide here to learn how to care for your slime before and after playing with it.