The Slime Guide

Now that you have received your slime (yay!), it's time to your slime game to the level. It's important to realize that the longevity and quality of the slime is in your control. How you take care of your slime can either maintain it's quality for a longer period or be ruined. But fear not, we put together our tips & tricks that will help enhance your slime experience.

Beforecare - what to do before playing with your slime:

Make sure you are playing with slime on a clean and preferably smooth surface (a table, for example). You don't want your slime to be dirty. This is also why it's important to wash your hands before (and after) playing with your slime. Germs, natural oils and or any residue can alter your slimes original texture and appearance over time.  Try your best to always keep your slime clean!

Before you dig into your slime, prepare slime activator by mixing 1 tsp of borax powder (the white powder included in your order) into 1 cup of hot water and stir until the powder is dissolved. DO NOT DRINK! Slime activator is what formulates slime and makes it less sticky! Store in a sealed container, squeeze bottle, etc. and keep in safe spot, away from young children. Please label if you have to for safety!

Pro Tip - After making slime activator, store it in a sealed container, squeeze bottle, etc. for future use! This way you can also have it on standby while playing with slime incase things get sticky.

When playing with your slime:

Again, be sure you are playing with slime on a clean surface to prevent getting anything that doesn't belong into your slime. 
If you find your slime becoming sticky, add little amounts of slime activator and knead the slime - repeat until you reach your desired texture.

IMPORTANT: The reason we advise you to add small amounts of slime activator to the slime at a time is because you do not want to add too much and end up over-activating the slime. It will become stiff which can be harder to recover.

Aftercare - what to do after playing with your slime:

Store your slime back into it's air tight container to prevent it from drying. If the slime doesn't fit entirely, store the excess in a spare container to deflate.

Tip: If you ordered a DIY clay slime, it most likely came with another container that had the clay piece in it. Reuse that container to store any excess slime into - that's why we package our clay pieces in containers - for repurposing purposes!

Wash your hands with soap. Store your slime at room temperature to prevent melting or stiffing from cold and hot weather conditions. Keep out of reach from children under 8.

If you're experiencing any difficulties or have further questions - message us!
We would be more than happy to help you.